Kerry Cassidy 15 min talk with Bill / Jelaila Starr

Bill Brockbrader aka Wood 15 min chat on Kerry Cassidy's radio show followed by Jelaila Starr.


  1. Hi, Bill!

    I listened to you and Eva with Kerry last night.

    Sorry things didn't go so well, but one never knows for sure how their words may have affected another.

    I was struck when you said, "Time stops" and "Time ceases to exist" (I may be paraphrasing).

    I have been getting the same message, though I don't know, can't know what "No More Time" means for us.

    Kerry was trying to get you to focus on your experiences with Looking Glass, I think.

    When you say "Time stops" Is this what you knew from your experience back then or what you've figured out over time (no pun intended)?

    I hope you see this and reply here, as I don't check my email unless someone gives me a heads up.

    One more thing, could you possibly take the time to view my most recent video(s)?

    Here's PlayList link:


    69 & 70 (same content diff music)

    I am being guided to capture and share these images (ChemTrails & Wormwood / Nibiru) and would benefit from your interpretation.

    Thanks so much,


  2. Hi Bill,

    I've listened to all of your Project Camelot interviews (have followed David Wilcock's work for a while and a little bit of previous Project Camelot work) and just wanted to thank you for your courage in coming forward and speaking out. I have a distinct sense that you are indeed a major catalyst at this time in our planet's evolution, so thank you thank you thank you. Keep talking, and keep the momentum going. There are lots of us out here rooting you on and sending you love and gratitude for your integrity and courage.

    May you have peace beyond all understanding,

    Jillian Perkins

  3. @Jillian Hello there Im going to be doing another interview with Dave Croso on the 23 of Feb, also I have posted a new interview with Lisa Harrison I think you will enjoy!
    Thank you for your feedback and support !

  4. @Sisterrosetta Thank you for your feedback and for your time to write and watch ! Re 3rd interview with Eva its funny because no matter what is happening it is bringing me more positive and because of that interview I was given another opportunity to do the new interview I posted with Lisa Harrison
    Hope you enjoy this one !!


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