Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Third Interview with Project Camelot

Third Interview with Project Camelot
 Eva Moore and Bill Wood

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  1. Thank you for your work to you both.
    Life has been confusing for me so often of late for a numbre of reasons.
    I have very much appreciated the second part of the interview, knowing that you have trained with beings off planet, you have stated it as a fact, how Earth shattering is that? Not something I have heard on Camelot before, certainly, mind you I have only watched about 15 of their productions.
    As a person who is involved in spiritual matters for 16 years in international groups, I have also been contatcted by off planet beings on several occasions, and I channel a few of them since June/July 2011.
    At that time, there was a sort of activation happening for me.
    Previous to that, I have interacted with them almost 3 years ago, for a week, and I agreed to telepathic communication with 3 during my sleep. What took place is exactly what you have described, something I have never experienced before: an active interface within my mind and heart with these beings simultaneously. In their presence there is no hidding, no more pain, no more fear. There is just being and kindness.
    I have met many wise people in this life, but never anybody who gives so much meaning to the words compassion and love as them.
    I found it very significant for me, on a personal level what you have confirmed for me.
    You steps are guided and in turn you are guiding us, Bill.
    I thank you, Laura