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This is a donation paypal button that Bill has sent for people to donate to assist him in his work.

Thank you all for your emails and comments. I apologize for not responding but life has gotten pretty interesting here in 'the land where freedom began'. I would like to ask a favor from all supporters for changing the world. There is some debate here. Realize that there are still some battle hardened veterans of light here that don't seem to agree that the new army of light is standing up and asking to be counted on for support. So I am asking this as a unique means of showing just how many people are ready to work for some change in the world. I have included a donation button below. I would like to ask that everyone that is ready to see the world change, donate one dollar. You can donate more but that is all I need from any one person. The idea is to show just how many of us are out there so the boys that can put down some zeros on the checks will see that the support is here and the time to move is now. Realize this - one donation of $100,000 doesn't the universe responds to action, individual donations are the keys. I need to identify the number of supporters that are out there currently. Thanks all for the support in advance. Just be ready to have your minds blown WIDE open in the next interview.


  1. I donated to you Bill because I believe in what you are saying. I'm a vet as well so I understand how hard it can be to disclose certain things. I'm still dealing with alot of memory lapses, but atleast I'm alive and have a great partner to walk with me on this journey. So, yes I understand that there are things that happen or are happening now that people just can't or won't grasp because they either weren't involved so to them it couldn't have happened or they actually believe our gov't wouldn't do certain things. So kudos to you man for standing up. I'm ready to have my mind blown away by tonight's interview and stand up as a menber of your army !
    Many Blessing to you !!!!!

  2. @warped343 Thank you so much for your time care and support !!! Keep in touch and watch for more information that is about to drop!

    It helps so much to have that person that walks beside you and I am grateful for your feedback!
    I have posted a BUNCH of New information with David Corso site
    and I will be doing an interview with David on the 23 of Feb

    1. Hey Bill ..... It's my pleasure to walk next to a warrior of truth. I'm loving the positive Light that you're putting out there. Just know that there are many out there who support you and have put their faith and trust in you. WHEW ! What a huge responsibility for you to take on ! Looking forward to your interview and for more information from you.
      Much Love and Light .....


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