Monday, 18 June 2012

behind the sceen Bill and Drake video

I think all of you will enjoy this video as I do it shows Bills delight on their first joint interview with the common ground and passion that he shares with Drake 

Bill and Drake behind the scenes

Bill's Court Update

The following is from Bill's Attorney

" I received a copy of the Indictment this morning.  Based on that copy, it
appears the grand jury convened and signed the Indictment on Tuesday 6/12.
The Assistant US attorney filed it yesterday, Wednesday 6/13.  The
presiding federal district court judge will be Judge B. Lynn Winmill.

In addition, I just received unofficial notice that Bill's initial
appearance on the Indictment will be next Wednesday 6/20 at 9:45 in front
of Judge Bush, a federal magistrate judge.

As I told you yesterday, the initial appearance will resemble Bill's prior
court appearance where the judge informs him of the charge, maximum
penalty, his rights.  The judge will accept a plea of not guilty and then
address procedural issues including the trial date, likely to be scheduled
in early August.

Judge Bush will also be the judge who determines the detention issue.  I
believe he is a good judge who will strictly apply the law without undue
consideration of Bill's prior conviction.  When I file the motion for
release, I will notice it to be heard by the judge on the same day as
Bill's initial appearance.  We should not need any additional time.  The
prosecutor is allowed a continuance up to 3 days, if requested."

Super Solider Summit

Hello everyone I wanted to let you know that I will be presenting in Bills place at the First ever Super Soldier Summit! I also want to make it clear I am doing so at Bill's request. He feels as do I that unity most important. Giving these people the space and room to connect feel that  they are not alone is priceless.
Yes yes we all can agree that the term Super Solider glorifies the Systematic Ritual Abuse these people go through and struggle from to regain their wholeness! However for now that is what the term is to describe these people.

I hope all of you if you have the time will come out and support me ! I can use all the love and encouragement!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ways to Help Bill

Hello everyone
Bill has asked if you would like to help him there are a few ways you CAN!

First Pray for his healing and strength, then for our protection and to see our way through this successfully!

How to help

Pay Pal Link

Hi Everyone here is the link for our PayPal
Donations request to make this work!
Thank you in advance for your help!
This has just been edited - took a while as my computer is not working using my friends
BillEva ~