Kelvin-wave cascade and dissipation in low-temperature superfluids vortices

Wim Hof

Jason Bourne 

The below link to the Wim Hof Vice documentary is so Important for everyone to open to. His mission he says is to bring LOVE back. Not only have his methods been proven they are changing text books. He reminds me so much of Bill 

VICE documentary Wim Hof LINK---> Click

On a side note with D~Wave talking about creating a Super Quantum Computer "Human in a Box" it is interesting to compare the "Superfluid" with that of the human Spinal fluid and what happens to humans Vortices in the spinal fluid under extreme cold?

"We study the statistical properties of the Kelvin waves propagating along quantized superfluid vortices driven by the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. No artificial forcing or dissipation is added. Vortex positions are accurately tracked. This procedure directly allows us to obtain the Kevin-waves occupation-number spectrum. Numerical data obtained from long time integration and ensemble-average over initial conditions supports the spectrum proposed in [L'vov and Nazarenko, JETP Lett 91, 428 (2010)]. Kelvin wave modes in the inertial range are found to be Gaussian as expected by weak-turbulence predictions. Finally the dissipative range of the Kelvin-wave spectrum is studied. Strong non-Gaussian fluctuations are observed in this range." Source *