A Prayer for the Men of this Earth

I'd like to send a prayer out to all the beautiful men out there like Bill! 
Across the world and all the variations of religions or beliefs. Men like Bill making a difference on this Earth. I pray that the Creator give them the healing in their minds to be able to push back any thoughts that do not serve them. Any thoughts that as a result of the trauma and PTSD that they have had to face I pray their hearts and minds are given peace, love, joy, and the clarity of mind to find and be peace in solutions, and solutions in peaceful actions. I pray you allow  these men to find their voices to reach out to those they love, and that love them. I pray they find a way to open to receiving the love they deserve and giving it despite the traumas, past mistakes, and actions they have had to endure. I pray our Men find themselves set free from past hurts, memories, and ties from previous relationships and expectations of and with them selves 
Where 2 or more are gathered =3