Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Double Strikes on rescue aid workers

In 2012 my husband blew the Whistle on "DOUBLE STRIKES" of rescue aid workers ... This issue the author used as a central crux between KATNIS and her choice of lover .... Makes all the stress it's put my son through some what more understandable ....

Listen to Bill in 2012 

Hunger Kyoto Agenda21 Games

Listen carefully to this CBC interview 
Obama is saying no to pipe line because under TPP he is securing AFRICA FROM FRANCE under AGOA he and John Kerry are also stating ahead of the PARIS NOV 30 meeting that they will not sign or agree to an ACCOUNT TREATY. USA is going after AFRICA to subsidize debt to China
Remember Black water owner Erik Prince has left USA and is working with China to invade Africa for resources .... and Erik and Bill trained together in BUDS CLASS AND HELL WEEK
Nov 30 in Paris is Kyoto part 2, remember Agenda 21 = (HUNGER GAMES DISTRICT PLAN) was signed during first Kyoto ...I feel they are using the word "CLIMATE" as a " legal joinder" where they are measuring population per capita based on carbon being exhaled .... They are using this in legal fiction on paper to tie to the Accounts that are now in limbo since the Federal Reserve Act has exspired ... Climate is then the term for the current financial ACCOUNT WAR tied to the birth certificates that are in legal limbo and that is what the TPP and BRICS. Alliance is really about amalgamation of corporations (countries) in order to pool the accounts (Birth certificates) together because like In the movie Jupitar Acending they do not want the "individuals" taking back their DEED to their own accounts/ people HAVE NO CLUE HOW/ not enough time to wait .... Paris has control of many accounts in Africa and the TPP is creating frame work for AGOA to free accounts from France ..... CBC INTERVIEW LISTEN BETWEEN THE LINES ITS FINANCIAL ACCOUNT WAR thumbnails.cbc.ca/…/13/…/current_20151109_21048_uploaded.mp3

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Baltic Bells toll Bring out your dead

Commodities come under huge pressure again and the Baltic Dry Index - seen as a leading economic indicator - hits its lowest level ever. Chirstine Basset reports on the latest alarm bells to ring over the global outlook.

What is the truth of SEAL Team 9

To date Bill is the only person to go on record and testify in U.S. FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT that a Tomahawk hit the Pentagon on 9/11

MockingJay double strikes

Spoiler Alert

In the first 10 min it's warning of a DOUBLE STRIKE ON RESCUE AID WORKERS 



In 2012 my husband went on the public record that pre 9/11 he was forced to DOUBLE STRIKE RESCUE AID WORKERS 

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) & executive order 11110

TPP LEADS TO AGOA DUTY FREE? Nations declared Green Zones? Even Africa?
On this the 52 anniversary of Kennedys passing ...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chelsea Pushing Back FISA Court

Created in 1978, the FISA Court is the government body tasked with green-lighting wiretap requests and other measures that allow investigators to snoop on foreign suspects. Documents disclosed by Mr. Snowden revealed in 2013 that the FISA Court had for years forced telecommunication companies to give the government the call logs pertaining to millions of Americans by way of blanket requests authorized under the FISA Act.
139 page bill amending FISA ACT

I recently published an op-ed in The Guardian and a bill to abolish the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and to transfer the controversial surveillance authority from the secretive court to a good ol’ fashioned U.S. District Court. Chelsea's Blog

Sec. 2. Amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. (a) Amendments for electronic surveillance.
(1) Section 1801 of title 50, United States Code, is amended—
(A) in subsection (h)(4) by striking “a threat of death or serious bodily harm”

and inserting “an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm”; and (B) by adding at the end the following:
"(q) “Judge of the United States means any judge of the United States district courts or United States courts of appeal, the judges of which are entitled to hold office during good behavior”;
(2) Section 1802 of title 50, United States Code, is amended—
(A) in subsection (a) by striking “court established under section 103(a)” and

inserting ‘"a judge of the United States”;

FISA Reform Bill

Monday, 9 November 2015

CISA got a Blank Space To write YOUR Name

"CISA is a nightmare dressed as a daydream; a surveillance bill masquerading as a cybersecurity bill," Nathan White, a lawyer with the civil liberties group Access, told me. "CISA is a backdoor to surveillance, giving the NSA access to more personal information for its expansive databases. CISA is fundamentally flawed because of its broad immunity clauses for companies, vague definitions, and aggressive spying powers."

CISA bad Blood

Did your Senator vote yes on CISA better get on your phones emails and write letter take your pots and pans and get in their their face Roll call on CISA VOTE