Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hunger Kyoto Agenda21 Games

Listen carefully to this CBC interview 
Obama is saying no to pipe line because under TPP he is securing AFRICA FROM FRANCE under AGOA he and John Kerry are also stating ahead of the PARIS NOV 30 meeting that they will not sign or agree to an ACCOUNT TREATY. USA is going after AFRICA to subsidize debt to China
Remember Black water owner Erik Prince has left USA and is working with China to invade Africa for resources .... and Erik and Bill trained together in BUDS CLASS AND HELL WEEK
Nov 30 in Paris is Kyoto part 2, remember Agenda 21 = (HUNGER GAMES DISTRICT PLAN) was signed during first Kyoto ...I feel they are using the word "CLIMATE" as a " legal joinder" where they are measuring population per capita based on carbon being exhaled .... They are using this in legal fiction on paper to tie to the Accounts that are now in limbo since the Federal Reserve Act has exspired ... Climate is then the term for the current financial ACCOUNT WAR tied to the birth certificates that are in legal limbo and that is what the TPP and BRICS. Alliance is really about amalgamation of corporations (countries) in order to pool the accounts (Birth certificates) together because like In the movie Jupitar Acending they do not want the "individuals" taking back their DEED to their own accounts/ people HAVE NO CLUE HOW/ not enough time to wait .... Paris has control of many accounts in Africa and the TPP is creating frame work for AGOA to free accounts from France ..... CBC INTERVIEW LISTEN BETWEEN THE LINES ITS FINANCIAL ACCOUNT WAR thumbnails.cbc.ca/…/13/…/current_20151109_21048_uploaded.mp3

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