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Happy New year everyone. 
I can say I am happy to say good bye to 2015! I'm 
going to make 2016 my year!  It says I should tell the entire story in detail but that would require chapters so I will start with what happened in 2015. As the wife of a Whistle blower and advocating for many whistle blowers I've learn the hard way what it means to try and implement change in the world as a witness to systematic corruption ! After first being given the platform with Project Camalot in 2012 I went on to dedicate the next 3 years to giving many people a voice for positive change. After spending 3 long years emerged in the United States Federal Judital / Prison system standing up for the constitution and working with Whistle blowers for  Human rights. I found my self committed to do what ever it took including couch surfing and sleeping in a car and homeless at times finding truck stop parking lots to sleep in covering myself in clothes and 
multiple blankets in the cold so as not to be seen 
alone and bothered.
I was very much looking forward to the prison chapter ending and finally beginning a domestic bliss/ newlywed chapter. Quickly before 2015 even rang in it was becoming clear that that was not going to be the case, and by February 2015 I had left my home once agin living in a car in a country I could not legally work in while following the movement of my Whistle Blower Husband around western United States. 

Unfortunately  I was involved with a bad car crash after driving for days from Boise Idaho to Lake Tahoe , to San Fransisco and up to Seattle I had pushed myself to hard and hit a patch of gravel on bald tires and found the car losing control and rolling 3 times and landing inches away from the train tracks.

I was very lucky to have survived the car crash and 
in such a good condition however the injuries I sustained did require I head back to Canada to seek medical treatment and I'm still recovering. It wasn't until after I got home to Canada that the news of my husbands disappearance was made known to me. The combination of needing medical therapy and the disappearance of my husband left me in a boarder line catatonic emotionally broken state  and feeling 100% burnt out after 3 long years of Judital and Federal Prison interaction.
It's taken me months of physiotherapy chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to finally get back in to my body only now January 2016. I've had a lot of emotional support from some amazing Angels and it's quite hard for me to ask for financial help but after everything I've been through in the last 4 years for my son I'm going humble myself and ask for some help to get me a reliable car, computer (I've been borrowing friends and family trying to do interviews on iPads) , and cover some of the basic ongoing therapy and other basic  dental / surgery (Wisdom 
teeth surgery  $2400) for my son and I. This will help us get on feet again. It's been a hard last 3 months as I've not received any child support and we are now short on food. 

Thank you in advance for any help.


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